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CompuSup.Com (CSC) offers businesses a FREE Technology/Network Assessment (under two hours). There’s no obligation or payment required. We’ll send a technician to your business and inspect the existing network, workstations, backup systems, and more. Then we’ll create a personalized, comprehensive technology report of our assessment complete with recommendations to optimize your business. This assessment allows us the opportunity to then interact with you and to provide recommendations for technology optimization and solutions.


During our Technology Assessment we will:

· Send a technician to your location

· Inspect your current technology environment

· Catalogue existing hardware including workstations, servers, and all other devices

· Analyse your data connections, network infrastructure, and wireless capabilities

· Evaluate existing backup and disaster recovery plans

· Examine wireless security and virus protection

Based on our further interaction we can move forward to:

· Assess and determine technology concerns

· Create a comprehensive strategy for solving concerns and increasing productivity

· Create a business continuity and disaster recovery plan

· Provide recommendations for technology optimization and solutions

· Consult with you to review the results of our free technology assessment

Our recommendations could save your company from disaster, increase productivity, and save money.


 The Technology Assessment is risk free, so fill out the form to request one today!

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